DyNAMC Magazine: Diversity Unfiltered

DyNAMC Diversity Unfiltered - DyNAMC Leaders for a Changing World Magazines’ premier podcast talks with Emmy winner Teja Arboleda on Entertaining Diversity

May 3, 2017

Interview conducted by Kathyn Aldridge

DyNAMC speaks with Teja Arboleda about the three M’s - Multiculturalism, Media and Mission one of DyNAMC's 2017 Men of Excellence.

A true Renaissance Man, Teja (pronounced tay-ya) Teja Arboleda is the President and Creative Director of Entertaining Diversity, Inc. which focuses on diversity and inclusion programming through entertainment. He produces and edits documentaries for PBS and Discovery, and won an EMMY award in 1993 and three Telly Awards (2009, 2013, and 2017). Arboleda is African-American/Native-American-Filipino-Chinese & German-Danish and he grew up in Japan. In Arboleda’s charming and witty way he shares his journey with DyNAMC.