DyNAMC Magazine: Diversity Unfiltered

DyNAMC UnFiltered Talks with Commissioner Colette Honorable

January 29, 2016

DyNAMC Diversity Unfiltered - DyNAMC Leaders for a Changing World Magazines’ premier podcast. We bring you the voices of today’s renowned societal leaders and average folks talking about what they do, how they got there, and what they're thinking about in the controversial world of diversity, inclusion and race relations. In this episode we spoke with Colette D. Honorable on Bridging the Energy Gap.

When Commissioner Colette D. Honorable was a high school student, she dreamed of living in Dallas, Texas, or Memphis, Tennessee. A career in law or the energy sector was not on her radar. Her dreams were nothing compared to her reality,however. She was nominated to be one of five commissioners’ at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by President Barack Obama. She was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate in December, 2014. She is only the third African-American to hold this position. Honorable sits down with DyNAMC to share her journey and the future of the energy industry.